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Good bye to beautiful Darrel

Darrel Lawrence DelaRonde. May 25, 1955  October 23, 2020

Darrel Delaronde suddenly and unexpectedly, passed away at his home in Comox on October 23 of 2020 at 65 years of age. Darrel is survived by his wife Saskia Delaronde, by his children (by Cindy Scott) daughter Paige, sons Jordan, and Joshua,  Delaronde, also survived his mom Ruth, his sister Wendy,  his brother Wayne Delaronde. When he married Saskia, he inherited more family his step-sons Michael and his wife April, Mark and wife Kristy and their children Brook and Elliot all of them go by the last name of DeVuyst, his in-laws Ingrid Overbeek and Harold de Jong. Darrel is predeceased by his dad Vern Delaronde.

Darrel, fondly nicknamed Buddy by his familywas born in Shellbrook and raised in Mont Nebo, Saskatchewan. In his youth, he explored and loved The Green Hills of His Father’s Land where, while growing up on the family farm, he discovered his great passion... Music.  Music opened a world of discovery, love, heartache, and adventure. In his early years, Darrel played pubs and dance halls with his friends while honing his guitar playing and song-writing skills, preparing him for his later years as the guy everybody knew and loved. A touring Canadian Folk icon, Darrel was living the dream with his wife Saskia, playing throughout Canada and Europe. His life was not always easy nor without it’s share of sharps and flats. Darr, el was a Gemini, a perfectionist, playful, unpredictable, difficult, highly intelligent, literate, (he loved sci–fi for a fun read), he was curious, complicated, loving, kind, compassionate, impulsive, a life long spiritual seeker, and an exquisite musician and poet.

Darrel gave us a little bit of his journey and his soul in every song he wrote.  He gave his ALL in every performance; he gave his ALL in his everyday life. He left us with a beautiful, rich tapestry of words and melodies which we can use as a tool to forge a path forward.

Darrel’s love for life was huge. He loved his kids Paige, Jordan, and Josh, he loved his momma and the rest of his Delaronde family, he loved his extended family, he loved his AA community and was an active member in ongoing recovery. He loved his friends, and all animals and nature. He loved his music fans and treated them all as personal friends.

Darrel loved breathing in the fresh ocean air, the prairie breezes playing with the tall grasses, the ranches in the foothills and tall mountains, the wide-open country roads beckoning, the big skies, the ancient cedars in the coastal forests and the beautiful flowers promising spring. 

Darrel loved farming and growing food and HE LOVED riding the tractor. And last but not least; Darrel loved his life with his sweetheart, his music partner, and his wife… Saskia.

Darrel often expressed a deep regret and sorrow at having been a logger. He cut down many of the ancient trees in the beautiful rain forests around Revelstoke to make a living.  In his later years he often stopped and asked for forgiveness from a beautiful coastal giant still holding vigil as best as possible. Therefore, it is logical to convey, if anyone feels moved to plant a tree in his honor, please do so. Darrel would love that very much. 

In parting we would like to add, Darrel was a through and through artist and looked at the world with wonder. The poet William Blake described him best in his lines:


To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.


Rest in peace dear friend. You were well loved by so many.

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